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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11pm  CBS  February 13, 2013 11:00pm-11:35pm PST

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d backed off. bomb techs then detonated unknown materials. investigators say they found more suspicious items. want house was so cluttered it'll take a nerve wracking three days to dig through it all. >> it's not over yet. something could happen tomorrow while we're searching. >> reporter: the 45-year-old was arrested in military fatigues and neighbors say he were wore them often. he told neighbors he used it to talk to people in the mountains. >> it was odd. there's nothing like that around here. >> kind of shocking. it could have hurt us, like all the neighbors. >> reporter: according to his linkedin page, he has 30 years engineering experience with stints at hp and has done classified government projects. he holds five patents.
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back in 2010 amoco founder wrote an enforcement saying he is one of the most skilled engineers i have ever met. everett is never dull. that keeps the res of us inspired. investigators say it was too risky to move those devices. tomorrow they'll bring one of those giant bomb containment spheres. the chp will guard this property overnight. crews will be back at 7:30 in the morning. >> senator yee is no stranger to threats. this was serious enough for him to call the chp. allen martin looks at why in guy may have had a grudge. >> reporter: a loophole in california's assault weapons ban. after watching our report the senator wrote a bill to close that loophole and that upset a lot of gun owners.
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it's known as a bullet button. a device that makes ar-15 rifles legal in california. it allows you quickly detach a magazine, even though under california law detachable magazines in combination with other features are illegal. >> the reason why i am committed to this particular bill is because of what i saw on your tv station, the story that you did. >> reporter: the bill in its current form bans the bullet button. essentially slowing a shooter down by forcing them to load bullets one by one from the top of the gun. but sponsoring the legislation turned out to be a challenge right from the start. an organized campaign against it quickly got ugly. >> go back to china. we love america. >> reporter: the senator got bombarded with threatening phone calls and e-mails. even antileland yee billboards sprung up. ye, told us then as now that he won't be deterred. >> the reality is that there is a ban in the state of
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california on assault weapons. what we're seeing your story was in fact an effort to go around that particular law. so what our bill does is just simply close that loophole. and that's what we're trying to do. >> reporter: on his facebook page tonight the senator wrote thanks everyone for your words of support, my staff and i are hanging in there, we will not be deterred. senator yee will have more to say tomorrow. as for his gun control bill, it has gained momentum in the aftermath of the colorado movie theater shooting and the tragedy in newtown, connecticut. >> thank you, allen. >> also tonight we are hearing from a couple who came face to face with christopher dorner, the ex-cop who went on that rampage. dorner had been holed up in their cabin for days when they suddenly walked in on him. >> he continued to say to us quite frequently he would not
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kill us. and he just asked us to do what he asked. >> kpix 5 reporter david jackson is in big bear with their story and another man's close encounter. >> reporter: we're talking about a couple, jim and karen reynolds. they lived and had a condominium here. they had come into the condominium to clean it up because they use it as a rental unit. when they walked in the door they were confronted by christopher dorner. he had apparently been living inside their condominium for what appears to be a number of days. they took time to explain how terrifying their ordeal was. >> karen screamed and started running. he ran after her. he caught her by the door. >> on the staircase. and i didn't. >> and brought her back. he had plastic ties. he made us put our hands behind our back and he tied our hands.
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made us walk into the back bedroom. >> did you think he was going to kill you then? >> when he had me laying on the ground, yes, i really did. i thought he's changed his mind. >> reporter: and that was just the beginning of the ordeal yesterday that led to the death it appears of christopher dorner inside that cabin. it was a long day that followed what took place with the family here. take a look now at what transpired throughout the course of the entire 24 hours. [ sound of gunfire ] the man believed to be christopher dorner was cornered in this cabin. he was shooting at police with a high powered sniper rifle. the police scanner made it three two sheriffs deputies had already been shot. the police officers could not get to the wounded because the
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gunfire was so intense. they used smoke grenades to cover their rescue of the deputies. only one survived. there were at least a half dozen heavy exchanges of gunfire. [ sound of gunfire ] police say the suspect had a sound suppress soar on his rifle so they had difficulty figuring out where to direct their fire. they believe he was hiding in plain sight in this vacant condo overlooking the police command post. dorner took two hostages, then stole their car. police spotted the stolen car 25 miles away. police say dorner ditched that car, then carjacked rick heltebrake. >> he said i don't want to hurt you.
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just get out and start walking up the road and take your dog. >> reporter: coroner crashed the truck soon after that after another police chase and another gunfight. it appeared the cabin was his last stand. after a four hour standoff police prepared for the final assault. >> get the gas. >> reporter: the decision was made to use a powerful form of tear gas and ram the house with an armored vehicle. flames engulfed the cabin. the cause is still unclear. within minutes a single gunshot was heard. six more hours passed before police felt it was safe enough to begin looking for a body. we were up near the burned out cabin not too long ago. i spoke to a sheriffs deputy who said the forensic work is going along fairly quickly and they think people may be allowed back into the neighboring homes as soon as tomorrow night. they also think they may have an initial confirmation by tomorrow night that the body
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inside the burned out cabin is that of christopher dorner. live at big bear, david jackson, kpix 5. ken, back to you. >> an amazing few days. thank you for that. we have breaking news tonight. shots ringing out about 9:00 this evening at hillside elementary school. we just talked to a neighborhood who told us he heard three shots and called 911. when police arrived they found a man on the school's property. he was -- he was killed. he was pronounced dead at the hospital. police will tell us only that they are investigating this as a homicide. >> coming up he's either the dumbest or most desperate crook in the bay area. the surveillance video you have to see. >> doctors say it's like the brain is on fire. the mysterious new disease striking women that makes them seem possessed. >> and how a bay area college
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kpix 5 reporter linda yee with deo of a burgla this next story is one of those that makes you wonder what was this guy thinking? kpix 5 recorder linda yee with some surveillance rid video of a burglar you have to see. >> reporter: you know file this under one of the dumbest burglars you'll ever see. friday morning 4:25 he hits this neighborhood and what he did was he stole a surveillance camera. a camera that was not only on and working, but captured his image. the chief caught on camera, the very one he wants to tale. that is perplexing to the homeowner he hit. she wants to remain anonymous. >> why he would steal the camera makes no sense. >> reporter: his first attempt to grab it, unsuccessful. he steps back. it appears he's trying to cover
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his face. he shines his flashlight at the night vision camera. that works for a few seconds but then it just rearms itself. >> it's very creepy to have someone crawl on your porch. think tries it again. he stuffs the flashlight in his mouth. wrong side in at first. then he starts scaling the wall. that's when the camera really gets a good picture of him. >> it's wi-fi so it get up to drop cam server first. >> reporter: so it's in the cloud? >> yes. >> reporter: forever. >> his face. >> reporter: the homeowner had that video posted on a local
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community blog. she's also posting this all around here. >> there's a mysterious new disease striking young women. it often begins with mood swings, depression, headaches and then suddenly everything goes haywire. before long the women seem possessed like their brain is literally on fire. >> reporter: young women dazed, restrained in hospital beds acting possessed and then becoming catatonic. they've been so normal when suddenly their lives went haywire. >> one minute i'd be sobbing, crying and the next i'd be laughing. >> i was very paranoid. there was something wrong. >> reporter: it got worse for emily, a college sophomore. hospitalized and out of it she couldn't control her arm movements.
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then there were seizures. >> it was life and death for weeks. >> we were losing her to something i couldn't control. >> reporter: doctors also couldn't figure out what was wrong with susannah. >> i was a relatively normal person. the next minute i'm insisting that my father had kidnapped me. >> they had a rare auto immune disorder where the body attacks the brain causing it to swell. this is how doctors explained it. >> they told him her brain is on fire. her brain is on fire. >> reporter: this drawing of a clock is how doctors figured out what was going on. susannah put all the numbers on one side. a clear indication there was a neurological issue. >> nobody knew about the condition. >> reporter: the rare brain
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inflammation strikes mainly young women. no one knows why. >> frequent mistakes to think the patient has a primary psychiatric disorder. they are misdiagnosed. >> reporter: susannah and emily were both eventually correctly diagnosed. researchers have developed a test to diagnose the disease and a therapy to treat it. susannah is back reunited with her dog in new jersey. she just published a book about her journey. it's called brain on fire, my month of madness. >> thousands of people have now been diagnosed. it's not as rare as initially thought. >> reporter: emily and her parents want to warn others about the disease. >> there could be people in comas right now. that have this disease and aren't being treated properly. >> there is still no cure and both women could relapse and be forced to undergo another round
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of treatments. >> the bilge celebration for the opening of the new bay bridge taking shape. the transportation authority gave initial approval to spending $5.6 million for the labor day weekend event. that money would be used for things like security, buses and port a potties. the mtc is looking for sponsors to pay for private events including a half marathon and a bike ride. a bay area college student just hit it big. >> joe vazquez shows us it's thanks to his 80-year-old grandma's dance moves. >> reporter: showing students how it's done. he should know, the video he recently posted of the harlem shake is one of the fastest growing on the internet. >> i think it's the biggest thing since the gangnam style. >> reporter: he shot the video with his two grandmothers just a few days ago and since then
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it has exploded. >> little bit of a shock. i put it up on facebook for a few friends. >> reporter: he's one of many variations of the harlem shake. it's not about the dance style. it's about how you produce the video. we went by the swedish house mafia concert. for the first part everybody has to be acting normal except for one person who is just dancing away. then at a precise moment in the music a wild edit to a wild scene of dancing. how long will this last? >> i give it a week or two. something that's amusing. interesting for a short period of time then something else will replace it quickly. >> reporter: until then, enjoy
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your moment of fame. as your harlem shake keeps shaking across the web. >> we like the one with the box on the head. that's original. >> as parents you save up for like 20 years so your kid can go to college and do that. >> we got some sunshine to talk about. temperatures up near the 70s coming up for some of you as soon as tomorrow. here's a look where we'll start tomorrow morning. around 40 degrees for redwood city. vallejo, you'll wake up to 43 tomorrow. how about 70. haven't done it yet in san jose. we may get there tomorrow. high pressure is inching its way closer to us. you can still see the storm track well up to our north.
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western british columbia. also seattle and portland getting the rainfall. not for us, the high pressure dome moving closer to us. it's giving us a northeast wind. now the wind is coming offshore rather than on shore. three days tomorrow, friday, saturday including valentine's day if you're going out tomorrow will be well above average. now an on shore flow comes back. high pressure is finally moving out. we get the winds coming from the ocean will be cooler. rain moves in next tuesday as that low pressure area from the gulf of alaska finally moves in giving us some much needed rainfall. the next couple days if you need sunshine, you got it. we'll be mild through saturday. the cooler weather comes in next week. oakland 68. freemont with 67. pleasant hill 67 with sunshine. santa rosa 70. extended forecast, we're sunny right through presidents day
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with showers moving in by next tuesday and next wednesday. that's your kpix 5 forecast.
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"then false choices like the one the president laid out tonight." (pause, sip) it's water gate all over again. >> with a different politician in the hot seat. take a look. >> false choices the president laid out tonight. >> yeah, senator marco rubio delivering the gop response to laciniate's state of the union address. it was weird, it was his apparent case of dry mouth. he says he needed water. what are you going to do? it happens. we're be right back.
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the summer games starting in 2020. one local wrestling coach believes - in part - that the lack of awareness doomed t the international olympic committee plans to drop wrestling from the summer games starting in 2020. one local wrestling coach believes it's in part due to the lack of awareness. >> i've had parents asking me will they be thrown out of the ring. can you throw chairs and stuff like that. i mean that's serious conversations that i've had through the years. >> clayton valley coach watching alex lindsay in the red battle north gate's leo.
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7-6 match until the reversal. that's two points. he did not roll him over. he wins 11-8 to win the dval title. my wife said tim lincecum lost his sex appeal when he lost his hair. who cares as long as he can pitch. position players report saturday. hunter pence's biggest hit hit the wood three times. >> he's going to work on it this spring to see if he can be more consistent with it instead of a one time deal. it was quite an art. it takes a lot of work. so that's why we're here in spring training to see if question get that down. >> that would be a three stroke innocent golf by the way. the 32nd running of the el camino which is the biggest up until the kentucky derby. it's a race that awards points for a chance to make the field.
11:29 pm
jockeys, trainers and owners running for the roses. it starts in the bay area. >> i've been riding for 25 years and won races all over the world. there's one race i've said i wanted to win and that's the kentucky derby. every time you get on a two- year-old and a three-year-old you're thinking this could be the one. >> post time around. -- twice in the third set to advance to the third round. wisconsin nor r eturned the shot between his legs and got that point. number three nets and nuggets. not many guys in the nba can finish a three quarters alley- oop shot. two points against -- they won their first ever conference title tonight. and the number one play of the
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night. >> scores. two goals. >> that's the very objective bruins broadcaster jack edwards caught up in the moment. last night after boston tied new york. some people say that a broadcaster has to maintain his objectivity, but that's what i look like during a 49er preseason game. go niners. >> be right back.
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tomorrow morning at 4-30. david letterman is next. >> all right. our next newscast tomorrow morning at 4:30. everything you need to know good night. tonight... plus paul shaffer and the cbs orchestra. i'm alan kalter.
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captioning sponsored by worldwide pants and cbs and now the before photo, david letterman! ( band playing "late show" theme ) ( cheers and applause ) >> dave: hey! thank you. thank you so much, ladies and gentlemen. ( applause ) thank you! thank you so much. welcome to the show. nais to see everybody. ( laughter ). >> paul: good to see


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